The Mixed Geography of Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 26th, 2013

Gay WeddingThe New York Times reports on what DOMA and a crazy patchwork of marriage equality laws and same sex marriage bans have wrought for gay and lesbian couples:

The border with Washington State is just two miles from the home that Henry D. Johnston and his partner, Alex Irwin, own here in western Idaho, but for a gay couple it might as well be a thousand. Over there, just a brisk morning’s walk away, same-sex marriage was approved by a majority of statewide voters last fall; over here, the Idaho Constitution, through an amendment passed by voters in 2006, says that even a civil union granted elsewhere has no validity. “Set your clock back,” Mr. Johnston said of his daily commute home from a job in Pullman, Wash.

Such are the lives of gay and lesbian married couples across the USA – cross a state line, and you might still be married, or you might be civilly unioned, or domestically partnered. Or you might find yourself suddenly single.

It;s time for this to change.


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