UK: Gay Activist Praises Muslim MP’s Who Voted for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 19th, 2013

Big BenIn the face of fatwas issued against five muslim MP’s who voted for marriage equality in the United Kingdom, gay activist Peter Tatchell issued a statement supporting the brave Members of Parliament. Pink News reports:

“We are delighted that most Muslim MPs voted in favour of legalising gay marriage. The ban on same-sex marriage is discrimination. Discrimination is not an Islamic value. The clerics who issued these fatwas are preaching hatred. Islam encourages love and marriage. Religious leaders should welcome the fact that gay couples love each other and want to get married.”

Pink News also details which muslim MP’s voted for and against the measure:

…Labour MP and shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan… Muslim MPs Rushanara Ali (Labour), Sajid Javid (Conservative) Shabana Mahmood (Labour) and Anas Sarwar (Labour) also voted in favour. Those who abstained were Khalid Mahmood (Labour) and Yasmin Qureshi (Labour). The only Muslim MP who voted against was Rehman Chishti (Conservative).

Anyone know if this is the first time a muslim politician has voted for marriage equality?


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