USA: 59% Oppose DOMA Ban on Benefits for Gay/Lesbian Couples

Written by scott on February 20th, 2013

Defense of Marriage ActAccording to a new poll from the Center for American Progress and GLAD, a strong majority of Americans think the Defense of Marriage Act’s ban on benefits to married same-sex couples is unfair. According to The Washington Blade

The poll, commissioned by the Center for American Progress and Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, asked registered voters this question amid other inquiries regarding their beliefs on DOMA. The poll was conducted by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research and Voter Consumer Research. Additionally, the poll asked respondents in a more abstract way whether they believe it’s discriminatory for the federal government to deny benefits to married same-sex couples. Sixty-two percent of registered voters said they believe withholding such benefits is discrimination.

The poll also found that while 59% oppose DOMA, a smaller percentage supports marriage equality:

Notably, the poll finds a greater proportion of the American public opposes DOMA than the bare majority that supports marriage equality. According to the poll, 52 percent of the American public supports same-sex marriage — which is consistent with earlier findings on the issue. That means seven percent oppose DOMA, but don’t support marriage equality.

Pink News reports even higher levels of support for hospital visitations, medical leave, and other specific benefits:

The poll also found that 78% of respondents thought that married gay couples should not be denied “being able to visit your spouse or child in the hospital or ride with them in an ambulance in an emergency.” “Family and medical leave” should not be denied by the government, said 71% of voters, and “survivor benefits if a spouse is killed in the line of duty as a police officer, fire, fighter or state trooper”, said 70%. 69% of people said that the government should not deny health insurance benefits covering spouses or children, or protections and benefits for military spouses

Will the Supreme Court take notice?


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