USA: List of Republican Co-Signers of Prop 8 Amicus Brief Now Over 100

Written by scott on February 27th, 2013

Prop 8More than a hundred GOP leaders and lawmakers have now signed on to the amicus brief urging the US Supreme Court to repeal Prop 8, The New York Times reports:

More than two dozen Republicans — including a top adviser to Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, and a former congresswoman who made banning same-sex marriage her signature issue — have added their names to a legal brief urging the Supreme Court to declare that gay couples have a constitutional right to wed.

New names include:

The list of Republicans on the brief now tallies more than 100, organizers say. It now includes Beth Myers, who ran Mr. Romney’s 2008 campaign and was a senior adviser to him in 2012, and Marilyn Musgrave, a retired Colorado congresswoman who was once rated the most conservative member of the House by the American Conservative Union.

Think this will get the attention of Alito et al?


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  1. cory Haworth says:

    it is about time

  2. David Henderson says:

    Correction: It was not Marilyn Musgrave who signed the brief, but B.J. Nikkel, her former district director who became the first Republican in the Colorado House to support the civil unions bill in 2012. Source:

  3. Asa DeMatteo says:

    My how the worms have turned. I’m glad they have changed (or for some of them known not to be homophobes but rather Republican hypocrites in their opposition to equal rights for gays), and I hate to punish people for standing up for what’s right. But I just can’t forgive the Republicans for what they have done to our country and our politics.

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