Wales, UK: Plaid Cymru Party Leader Endorses Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 18th, 2013

The leader of one of Wales’ political parties, Plaid Cymru, has called on MPs to vote fr marriage equality, criticizing those who were swayed by “politics by mailbag”. Pink News reports:

According to the South Wales Evening Post, Leanne Wood, who leads the party in the Welsh Assembly, said the decision of David Morris, the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, to vote against the bill amounted to playing “politics by mailbag”. Mr Morris, who was taking part in a recording of the BBC Three programme ‘Free Speech’ in Swansea’s Brangwyn Hall last week said he voted against the bill because “in my mailbag my constituents sent to me over 1,000 emails and letters and I had in the region of 15 that wanted me to vote for it. As a member of parliament, my job is to listen to my constituents – that’s what I did”. But Ms Wood argued: “I can’t believe politics is by mailbag. “So if you had a mailbag full of people saying they wanted to bring back hanging, you would vote to bring back hanging?”

Love it.


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