Arizona, USA: Nasty New Bill Would Jail Transgender People for Using the “Wrong” Bathroom

Written by scott on March 20th, 2013

ArizonaWhile many state governments are moving to add protections for transgender citizens so they can feel safe using public restrooms, my home state, Arizona, is going in the opposite direction. God, I hate what the GOP has done to this once noble state. Edge Boston reports:

Arizona lawmakers have jumped in to the national debate over the rights of transgender people with a bill being debated Wednesday that would make it illegal for people to use public restrooms not associated with their birth gender. Advocates say the measure would be the toughest standard in the nation for transgender people and bathroom use, requiring Arizona residents to use the restroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate. One local TV station has dubbed it the “Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty” bill, a reference to the Arizona Legislature’s sweeping 2010 immigration law.

The GOP has become the party of bigoted, sad, misguided little people.

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  1. bythesea says:

    God, I’m so sick of this party of vile bigots hurting a beautiful state and it’s citizens.

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