At The San Francisco Marriage Equality Vigil

Written by scott on March 26th, 2013

We’re at the marriage equality vigil in San Francisco in front of the California Supreme Court building. About 100 people showed up for this vigil.

There are number of gay-friendly clergy members here in attendance, and a couple of them spoke a few minutes ago. PFLAGis also here.

When we first arrived at about 3:30 PM, the press outnumbered the attendees. All the major local TV networks were here, as well as a reporter for the New York Times, the bay area reporter, the Chinese newspaper, Univision, number of others.

The most heartbreaking moment, however, was when a man stood Up to speak about his partner of 24 years, weho he lost before they were able to get married.

The mood here is generally celebratory and hopeful, with many couples who plan to get married this summer if Prop 8 is invalidated,


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