California, USA: Newsom Promises Repeal Initiative if Supreme Court Doesn’t Strike Down Prop 8

Written by scott on March 27th, 2013

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin NewsomLooking ahead past the anticipated June or July Supreme Court ruling on California’s Prop 8, California’s Lt. Governor promises to take Prop 8 back to the supporters if the Court doesn’t invalidate it. The Washington Blade reports:

But Newsom predicted that a “worst case scenario” ruling upholding Prop 8 would trigger an immediate backlash in the LGBT community in California and among the state’s pro-marriage equality lawmakers. This would lead to placing a Prop 8 repeal measure on the ballot, most likely in the 2014 election cycle, he said. “I don’t know if I want to use the word shock because that’s a little hyperbolic,” he said in describing the reaction to a decision leaving Prop 8 in place. “But that backlash would immediately precipitate a ballot measure that most likely in this case…the legislature would put that on the ballot,” he said.

Newsom won our hearts when he threw open the doors of San Francisco City Hall in 2004 to gay and lesbian couples.


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