California, USA: Prop 8 Witness Who Switched Sides Felt Relief

Written by scott on March 2nd, 2013

you tube bigThose of you who have followed the Prop 8 trial or have seen “8 the Play” will remember David Blankenhorn, a witness for Prop 8 who famously flipped and started supporting marriage equality. On Top Magazine reports on Blankenhorn now:

Eight months after announcing his new stance and as the case reaches the Supreme Court, Blankenhorn states in a videotaped interview with Faith in America that he felt “like a burden had been lifted. I’m not saying this would happen to everybody, but for me when I was able to change on this issue, it felt like a burden had been lifted, you know. It just felt like I’d been carrying around a weight. And it felt like the weight was just not there,” Blankenhorn said.

Have you noticed how rarely people flip from marriage equality support to opposition?

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