Celebrities for Marriage Equality This Week

Written by scott on March 29th, 2013

Willie Nelson for Marriage EqualityIt’s always gratifying to hear from celebrities who support full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.

The The Huffington Post has an interview with designer Karl Lagerfeld:

On gay marriage: “The gay marriage thing, they have that problem in France, too. To me, it’s a fake problem. There will be gay couples; it will exist. It is not very nice that people who are married — who divorce in three seconds — don’t want protection for the others. The legal system should protect everyone, not just the few people who think they are above everybody else because they are married.”

Over at Joe.My.God, Joe notes Willie Nelson’s support (in his own trademark way) of marriage equality:

TM: But to be clear, you think everybody should be able to get married?

WN: Absolutely. I never thought of marriage as something only for men and women. But I’d never marry a guy I didn’t like.

TM: A lot of people think this battle echoes the fight for civil rights in the sixties.

WN: It does. It’s about human rights. As humanity, we’ve come through so many problems from the beginning to here. I guess it finally had to come around to this. This is just another situation, another problem. We’ll work it out and move on.

And On Top Magazine reports on some celebrity tweets this week:

[Ricky] Martin also tweeted support: “Supreme Court #SCOTUS #Prop8 #UnitedForMarriage #Time4Marriage #loveconquershate #OneMomAndOneDadIsOK #TwoDadsIsOK #TwoMomsIsOK.”

“Changed my profile picture and header in support of marriage equality,” tweeted actress Alyssa Milano.

Model Cindy Crawford said it was “#Time4Marriage” in a tweet to followers.

Hit the link above for more celebrity tweets.


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