China: Gay Activists Push for Marriage Equality at Annual Congress

Written by scott on March 14th, 2013

Chinese Gay MenChinese gay activists are pushing for full marriage equality at an annual congress, the China Digital Times reports:

…which CASS sociologist Li Yinhe describes as the only available avenue for gay rights activists: She has been working on legalizing same-sex marriage and has sent letters to NPC deputies every year since 2003, but was either informed that those proposals could not be sent to the legislature because deputies could not get the required 30 signatures from other delegates, or she simply received no response. “Even if the proposal gets sent to the NPC, it might be buried under a pile of proposals from other deputies,” Li Yinhe said.

This year, she’s joined by the China chapter of PFLAG:

In the open letter, the parents wrote: “Some of our children have been with their same-sex partners for almost 10 years; they care for and love each other deeply, but they are unable to legally authorize medical treatment for their partners when they are ill and in need of an operation. As the parents of homosexuals, we are often worried, because they cannot legally marry, and this impacts to various degrees their ability to adopt; authorize necessary medical treatment; inherit their partner’s assets, or even buy an apartment.”

That’s progress – in China, of all places!


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