Colorado, USA: Civil Unions in Two Weeks, Then Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on March 4th, 2013

ColoradoThere’s a good chance Colorado’s civil unions law will pass the House and be on Governor Hickenlooper’s desk by the end of next week, ABC 7 News is reporting:

The civil unions bill in Colorado will likely land on the governor’s desk by the end of next week. The bill is expected to pass two House committees this week, and the entire House next week. With Democrats in control, same-sex couples statewide are collectively ready to celebrate.

Denver’s former Mayor, Wellington Webb, sees greater things on the horizon:

“We continue to fight for the civil rights of all people. The civil unions is only one a step toward equality for the (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community,” Webb told a sell-out crowd at the party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. “Then we go for the next step.”

For Webb, the fight is personal:

Webb said he had discussed the issue with his son, who died in 2009. “I said, ‘Keith, is civil unions enough?’ He said, ‘Would you expect me as your son to say half a step is a civil right?’ It has to be a full step and that’s marriage equality,” Webb said to applause.

And the Daily Camera looks at how quickly things have changed in Colorado:

In May 2012, the Colorado House of Representatives astonished many Coloradans by killing a civil unions bill that had garnered enough support to pass. This was after lawmakers let the clock run out on their legislative year, only to have the governor call for a special session in order to get it done… Just one year later, in May 2013, Colorado is expected join several other states by officially recognizing same-sex unions. And hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, it will be moot. The Supreme Court is about to consider some critical cases surrounding gay marriage, and the issue is gaining some surprising support, when considering it in the context of recent history.

It’s a microcosm of how quickly things are changing around civil unions and full marriage equality all around the country.

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