Colorado, USA: Civil Unions Now – Next Up, Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on March 28th, 2013

ColoradoAlmost before the ink has dried on the civil unions bill, a lawsuit is being planned to push for full marriage equality. Pink News reports:

University of Denver law professor Kris Miccio is now planning a lawsuit to challenge civil unions, and to highlight the legal differences between equal marriage and civil unions. Miccio said she plans to marry out of state, in one of the states where equal marriage is legal, before returning to Colorado to file her marriage certificate. “We’re going to go to Massachusetts, or New York, or if Prop 8 falls we’ll go to California,” she said, reports 9News.

In the past, it’s been years between the passage of a civil unions bill in a state and full marriage equality, but the LGBT community seems to be tiring of the game.

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