Colorado, USA: Financial Ramifications of the New Civil Unions Law for Gay Couples

Written by scott on March 22nd, 2013

ColoradoNow that Colorado’s civil unions bill has been signed into law, what are the financial changes gay and lesbian couples will see if they enter into one? Heather Draper at takes a look:

The biggest financial changes will come for state employees and for local government, firefighter and police pension plans, Foster said. “We are now able to speak with state employees about new options available to them,” he said. “They now have group health insurance benefits available to their civil-union spouse, and they can put their civil-union spouse as a beneficiary on their retirement plan.” And civil-union spouses will now be eligible for survivor benefits in local government, firefighter and police pension plans.

The article also reminds us that DOMA prevents couples in a civil union from receiving any federal benefits normally associated with marriage


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