Colorado, USA: Governor Hickenlooper Signs Civil Unions Bill

Written by scott on March 21st, 2013

Colorado Governor John HickenlooperAfter months of waiting, Colorado’s new civil unions bill finally reached Governor Hickenlooper’s desk, where he signed it today, surrounded by supporters. LGBTQ Nation reports:

The signing ceremony marked the end of a three-year journey that began Valentine’s Day 2011 on the north steps of the state’s Capitol when the bill’s sponsors, flanked by supporters, introduced the legislation for the first time. The Democrat’s signature makes Colorado the 18th state to offer comprehensive relationship recognition to same-sex couples and, according to gay activists, finally admonished Colorado’s “hate state” reputation. “This is a moment the whole community has been waiting for,” Hickenlooper said. “But it’s just the beginning. A change has gotten here.”

The law takes effect on May 1st.

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