Finland: Committee Kills Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on March 2nd, 2013

Finland FlagOne more country that won’t likely see marriage equality this year – Finland’s parliament just voted a marriage equality bill down in committee 9-8, Pink News reports:

The bill, proposed by the National Coalition Party (NCP) minister Alexander Stubb proposed the bill, which would have made marriage gender-neutral, therefore allowing same-sex couples to marry. It was rejected 9 votes to 8, and so it will not go before the full legislature for consideration. The bill would have made regulations relating to marriage equal for all, irrespective of the gender of the partners. In Finland, gay and lesbian couples can currently register their partnerships, but do not automatically take each others’ surnames, or adopt children, reports YLE.

Amazing the difference just one person’s vote can make when dealing with our rights and our lives.


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  1. allan says:

    They have some sense at least, the Finns. Gay adoption and parenting is child abuse. You lose!

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