France: Anti Gay Rally Turns Ugly

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

Paris Hate RallyA huge rally that drew, by some accounts, 300,000 anti gay protesters, took a violent turn today. Pink News reports:

Manif Pour Tous had hoped to stage the Paris protest along the Champs Elysees, but were refused permission to march on the historic street. Around one to two hundred of the marchers attempted to defy the ban and break through police to reach the Champs Elysees. Police used tear gas on crowds in an attempt to hold them back, but some managed to reach the road. According to police two protesters were arrested. No injuries were reported.

It’s not the first problem these huge rallies have cause in Paris. An earlier rally left tons of trash and generated a huge bill to protesters for the clean-up.

It’s typical of the anti-gay movement to make a big show of being the Christians, the adults, the responsible ones, only to display blatantly irresponsible actions.

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In related news, a much smaller group of marriage equality opponents (as well as some supporters) also held a rally on London’s Trafalgar Square, Pink News reports:

Several hundreds of pro and anti marriage equality protestors rallied to London’s Trafalgar Square, this afternoon.

The anti-equality protest started today (24 March) at 2pm and was organized by the French La Manif Pour Tous (March For All) campaign group. Over twenty young children were forced to stand at the base of Nelson’s Column, shouting ‘Uphold Marriage’ as well as anti-gay slurs and holding banners in the freezing cold against gay marriage.

Lovely, using children to hold up signs displaying “anti-gay slurs” – who really has the children’s best interests at heart?

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