Germany: Chancellor Merkel Once Again Won’t Act on Tax Fairness for Same Sex Couples

Written by scott on March 5th, 2013

Germany Marriage EqualityNo big surprise here – back in December, Chancellor Merkel said no to an expansion of tax rights for same sex couples. The Advocate reports:

German chancellor Angela Merkel is not endorsing an expansion of gay rights, even though members of her Christian Democratic party are. Merkel is under pressure to take a stand after German’s high court ruled that gays should be allowed to adopt their partner’s adopted children; previously they could only adopt their partner’s biological children. There was momentum among some in Merkel’s party to introduce new laws that would equalize tax laws for same-sex couples — some believed Merkel and her peers were hoping to broaden the party’s base among more liberal voters — but social conservatives among the Christian Democrats cried foul. At a party meeting on Monday, the CDs confirmed they would stick with the status quo when it came to LGBT rights.

More and more, Germany seems to be a stumbling block for both gay rights and economic prosperity in Europe.


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