Illinois, USA: Former Governors Warn Against Firing GOP Chair for Marriage Equality Support

Written by scott on March 8th, 2013

Illinois GOP Chair Pat BradyRemember Pat Brady, the head of the GOP in Illinois? He recently came out in support of the pending marriage equality bill, and the party has been threatening to throw him out. Now he’s gotten a little support, as WBEZ reports:

Two former Illinois governors say state Republican party bosses would be wrong to oust the GOP chairman following his public support of same-sex marriage, especially as the party looks ahead to the 2014 governor’s race. Former Republican Govs. Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar urged the GOP State Central Committee to adopt a “big tent” approach as they head into a special meeting Saturday, when the panel could vote to oust Party Chairman Pat Brady. “If they fire Pat Brady, it will further submerge the Republican Party in Illinois, which is at a pretty low point, anyway,” Thompson said Thursday in an interview with WBEZ.

Kudos to Brady for sticking with his pro marriage equality stance!

In other marriage equality news, Chicagoist reports that two Chicago athletes have come out in support oft he bill too:

Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and Bears Hall of Famer Richard Dent were among the athletes to sign the open letter Thursday urging the House to pass the legislation. The House Executive Committee passed the bill last week by a 6-5 vote, a sign the legislation, which was passed by the state Senate last month, will face tougher opposition when it finally reaches the House floor for debate.

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