Illinois, USA: GOP Cancels Meeting to Oust Chairman Who Supported Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 9th, 2013

Illinois GOP Chair Pat BradyMaybe the Illinois state GOP is finally coming to its senses? They just backed off an attempt to oust state Chairman Pat Brady. The Huffington Post reports:

Committeemen had scheduled a Saturday meeting in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park to consider firing him, but it was canceled late Friday, partly because it became clear there weren’t enough votes to remove Brady. State Sen. Dave Syverson, a committeeman and party treasurer, said the vote would have been close, but members who had concerns about Brady separate from his gay marriage stance “didn’t want to be thrown in with those” concerned about it.

Will saner heads prevail?

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  1. Marquez McCrainey says:

    First of all God love us all no matter what and died for our sins and God is the only one to judge us. I have to answer to God not you all, for one you don’t even know if you going to heaven or hell, beside God see ‘s all, god knows all, and god hears all and so forth and so on and I feel like if I want to marry the same sex I should be able to I’m, let me say it again, I’m the that has to face God on judgement day not you and if I’m happy that’s what matters your happy so stop playing GOD and let God handle this thank you cause what ever decision is made is fine with me I’m still going be with my girlfriend, plus you more concerned same sex marriage and our young kids are not even safe in school.

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