Illinois, USA: Marriage Equality Battle Continues Over House Vote

Written by scott on March 26th, 2013

IllinoisThe US Supreme Court isn’t the only place the battle over marriage equality is taking place right now. Supporters and opponents are trying to win votes in the Illinois house too. Reuters reports:

During a two-week legislative spring break that began on Monday, both sides were intensifying their efforts. Opponents of the bill are focusing mainly on the more conservative and rural areas of the state south of Chicago, and some African-American districts in Chicago. More than 425,000 robo-calls have been placed to constituents in more than 20 districts, according to Paul Caprio, director of Family-Pac, an Illinois-based family values political action group opposed to gay marriage.

They’re using nasty, divisive techniques:

In one call to people in southwestern Illinois, Caprio’s voice asks voters whether their state lawmaker stands for “the Chicago homosexuals, or your family?”

Typical. But this too shall pass.


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