Ireland: Prime Minister Won’t Confirm Whether He Supports Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 23rd, 2013

irelandWith a pending constitutional convention next month that could legalize marriage equality in Ireland, the country’s Prime Minister is being tight-lipped about whether or not he supports the idea. Dot429 reports:

While acknowledging the issue is an important one for the country, Kenny intimated that advocating strong family values was his priority. “You’ll know we have the Constitutional Convention upcoming. My own view on the matter is irrelevant. But I will say, it is an issue,” Kenny told 429Magazine.

Ireland has seen an astonishing rise in the level of support for marriage equality – the last poll, in January 2013, found that 75% of its citizens now endorse the idea. That’s up from two-thirds support just in late 2012.

Ireland joins the neighboring UK’s efforts toward marriage equality, with Scotland, England and Wales all likely to pass it this year.

Only Northern Ireland’s left out of the party, where a marriage equality measure was defeated last year.


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