Ireland to Consider Marriage Equality in April

Written by scott on March 18th, 2013

Marriage Equality in IrelandAs Scotland, England and Wales are considering marriage equality across the channel, Ireland’s set to get into the act too. The Irish Post reports:

In what promises to be its most divisive session, the Constitutional Convention will convene next month to discuss whether or not the Irish Government should hold a referendum on amending the Constitution to permit gay marriage. But the debate in Ireland, which ignited this week following the submission of papers to the Constitutional Convention from major activist organisations, is much unlike the debate that garnered widespread interest from the British public.

Although both countries permit members of the same sex to form a civil partnership, the differences between such a union and marriage differ vastly between Britain and Ireland. In Britain, civil partnership cannot currently be a religious procedure, but civil partners receive largely the same legal treatment as a married couple. In Ireland, civil partnerships and marriages receive fundamentally different legal treatment that reaches far beyond the country’s notorious prohibition on adoption for civil partners.

Fingers crossed for our friends at Marriage Equality Ireland.


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