Italy: Activists Plan Mass Gay Wedding; TV Presenter Makes Anti-Gay Remarks

Written by scott on March 13th, 2013

RomeA few updates this morning out of Italy. First off, Artcigay, Italy’s gay rights organization, has announced plans for a mass gay wedding, Dot429 reports:

In a symbolic move, a leading LGBT organization in Italy on Friday will hold a mass gay wedding to demonstrate for marriage equality in the Southern European country. According to a statement from Bologna’s Arcigay, the group announced the symbolic gay marriage ceremony to continue to push for LGBT rights in the country. It also coincides with the opening of the new Italian Parliament’s session and the group is planning to “marry” over a few dozen couples in order to continue to pressure lawmakers to create LGBT equality, stating that the country lacks “pro-gay laws.”

Also in Italy, Gay Star News reports on a TV presenter who’s getting flack for anti-gay remarks:

On the show, it featured a story of a gay teen suing his father who did not want to give him any money. Commenting on the boy’s life, Dalla Chiesa said: ‘Being openly gay is not always right, because some people don’t like it. ‘I tolerate gay people, but I also think that a straight family is better than a gay one. A child deserves a mother and a father.’


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