Marriage Equality

Written by admin on March 6th, 2013

Greetings, It’s nice to be able to make posts on Gay Marriage Watch, which I like to call Marriage Equality Watch.  My spouse, Ken,  and I have seen a lot of changes since we met on Fire Island back in 1979, from being involved with ACT-UP NY in the 1980’s to moving to CT full time in 2000. We had a civil union in 2005 on the first day it became  legal in CT, and we were married in 2008 on the first day it became legal in CT; but we continue to celebrate September 7th,  the day we met, as our anniversary.

My spouse, Ken, and I have been justices of the peace and marriage officiants since 2000. The (c) photo was taken at our marriage ceremony in the lobby of Bryan Memorial Town Hall in Washington Depot, CT,  Joe Mustich (left), JP Davyne Verstandig (center), Ken Cornet (right) The photo was printed in many regional newspapers including the Hartford Courant, Danbury New Times, and Waterbury Republican American newspaper.






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