Minnesota, USA: Marriage Equality Bill Has Enough Votes to Pass House Committee

Written by scott on March 7th, 2013

MinnesotaSome good news out of Minnesota – the marriage equality bill there has the votes to pass out of a House committee. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Nine of the 17 members of the House Civil Law Committee told The Associated Press that they would be voting for the legislation that repeals the state law defining marriage as between opposite-sex couples only. That would be enough votes for the bill to get through the committee so it could head to the full House.

The Senate committee vote looks good too:

Success in Senate Judiciary looks nearly as likely. Four of eight members told the AP they’d vote yes; a fifth, DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin, said she supports gay marriage but is uncomfortable moving so quickly to legalize it in Minnesota.

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  1. David DeGrio says:

    Sen Goodwin confirmed yesterday, in response to constituents’ phone calls, that she would vote yes in committee.

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