Missouri, USA: Senator Claire McCaskill Endorses Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskillJust this morning, we posted an article on how moderate and conservative Senate democrats weren’t endorsing marriage equality. And now one of them has. Buzzfeed reports:

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill Sunday announced her support of marriage equality for the LGBT community. In a statement posted on the senator’s tumblr page, McCaskill wrote that she has “come to the conclusion that our government should not limit the right to marry based on who you love. While churches should never be required to conduct marriages outside of their religious beliefs, neither should the government tell people who they have a right to marry.” … McCaskill’s statement notes that her “views on this subject have changed over time, but as many of my gay and lesbian friends, colleagues and staff embrace long term committed relationships, I find myself unable to look them in the eye without honestly confronting this uncomfortable inequality.”

It’s great to see her come around, and I was genuinely touched by what she said.

But it also seems like, at this point, it should be taken for granted that anyone who wears the “D” label out to support marriage equality. The current Democratic President, the previous Democratic President, the presumptive Democratic Presidential frontrunner for 2016, and the democratic heads of the House and Senate all supprt it.

What are the others waiting for?

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