Nebraska, USA: FRC May Sue to Overturn Lincoln’s LGBT Rights Law

Written by scott on March 7th, 2013

NebraskaPutting the lie to the idea that anti-gay groups are only opposed to the use of the word marriage, the Family Research Council may sue to try to force the city of Lincoln, Nebraska to roll back its LGBT rights law, Askarbent reports:

Last spring, after the Lincoln, Nebraska City Council passed a gay rights addition to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance, the Nebraska Family Council and Family First gathered 10,000 signatures to nullify the ordinance. Now David Bydalek of Family First Nebraska, an affiliate of the Family Research Council, and Al Riskowki, of the Nebraska Family Council, want the issue on the ballot and are considering seeking a writ of mandamus that would force city officials to perform what they consider the city’s statutory duty, although city statutes don’t say how soon a referendum election must be held after signatures are verified.

It’s clear that some of these groups won’t be happy until and unless gays are pushed back into the closet and, quite possibly, into prison for the crime of homosexuality.

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