New Jersey, USA: Garden State Equality Calls on Governor Christie to Evolve on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 29th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Cris ChristieNew Jersey’s largest marriage equality group is calling on Governor Chris Christie to evolve and support a marriage equality bill, On Top Magazine reports:

A new petition campaign launched Thursday by Garden State Equality aims to change the governor’s stance on the issue. As of Friday morning, more than 2,000 people had signed on to the 3-sentence petition. “Governor Christie, it’s time to evolve,” it states. “Marriage equality is no longer a single-party issue. Please support the freedom to marry for all New Jersey families.”

And about that whole “evolving” thing, John McWhorter takes it on at the New Republic:

It hardly renders one recreationally skeptical to question, for example, whether the pot-smoking Blue American cosmopolitan that the college-aged Barack Obama was, later the editor of the Harvard Law Review publicly embracing radical leftist law professor Derrick Bell, actually disapproved of gay people getting married. Or, who among us thinks that Hillary Clinton five years ago would have told a friend over a glass of wine that she thought gay people getting married was “unnatural”? We are witnessing the recruitment of a noble word as a fig leaf for political opportunism. If in our current political realities that’s what it takes to drive change that betters humanity, then perhaps the most “evolved” assessment is to classify the ploy as a seedy Hegelian antithesis yielding a blessed synthesis, under which America evolves, in the true sense, towards enlightenment.

So evolve away!

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