Ohio, USA: Senator Portman Gives Speech to Constituents for First Time Since Supporting Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

Ohio Senator Rob PortmanFor the first time since his stance to support marriage equality, Ohio Governor Rob Portman spoke in front of a group of GOP constituents. 10TV reports:

Portman was the featured speaker Saturday at the Butler County GOP’s Lincoln Day dinner. The Republican-dominated county north of Cincinnati is home to House Speaker John Boehner, who repeated his opposition to same-sex marriage after Portman’s reversal on the issue… He tells The Cincinnati Enquirer that Saturday’s crowd was split on their views of same-sex marriage but everyone was “very respectful.”

Pink News adds:

He was greeted with a standing ovation when he took to the stage, and rather than addressing the equal marriage controversy, he spoke of the Republican Party as a whole, which he said needed to “change direction”.

I know there has been some controversy on the left over this. Some folks have said we shouldn’t reward someone who took so long to come over to our way of thinking. For others, there’s no way to forgive the original sin of sponsoring and then voting for DOMA. And still others see this as purely a political stunt.

But I believe we need to accept such changes of heart at face value, and with open arms. The hard core of our remaining opposition is the tea party and the far-right republicans. The only way we’re going to increase that support over time is to start winning more of the folks’ hearts and minds. And if we slam the door on anyone in the GOP who tries to make that change, no one else will.

Just sayin’.

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