Poland: Gay, Trans Lawmakers Move to Front of Parliament; Walesa Refuses to Apologize

Written by scott on March 4th, 2013

PolandSome updates in the Lech Walesa story – after he made his anti gay comments the other day, gay and trans lawmakers responded. Towleroad.com reports:

Janusz Palikot, the leader of progressive party Palikot’s Movement, reacted by promoting the party’s gay lawmaker, Robert Biedron, and transgender lawmaker, Anna Grodzka, to the front row for a three-day session starting Wednesday. In Poland’s Parliament, the front row, which is closest to the Speaker and gets the most TV attention, is generally for party leaders and senior lawmakers. The Cabinet sits in a separate section. Palikot said he will also seek a resolution asking Walesa to “change his manner of speaking.”

Europe Online reports that Walesa remains unapologetic:

Former Polish president and labour union leader Lech Walesa has refused to apologize for controversial comments about the proper place for homosexuals in society, the PAP news agency reported Monday. “I only said they should have the status appropriate for them based on their percentage (of the population),” he said.

It’s so sad to see the fall of such an icon.


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