Poland: Seriously? Lech Walesa Wants Gays to Sit in the Back, or Behind a Wall

Written by scott on March 3rd, 2013

We did not expect this. Lech Walesa, hero of the Polish labor hero and human rights activist, thinks gays should be at the back of the bus. Well, almost. Gay Star News reports:

According to Polskie Radio, Lech Walesa was expressing his views on same-sex civil partnerships in Poland when he went on a homophobic tangent. ‘Homosexuals should sit on the last bench in the plenary hall, or even behind the wall, and not somewhere at the front,’ said the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner. He added: ‘A minority can not impose itself on the majority. They must know they are a minority and adapt themselves to smaller things’.

Nothing drives us crazier than seeing a minority or rights activist slam the door behind them on the LGBT community. Sickening.


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