Puerto Rico: Gay Rights Slowly Gaining Support

Written by scott on March 3rd, 2013

Puerto RicoAlthough the territory of Puerto Rico recently saw a huge demonstration agains gay rights, and a court there upheld a ban on gay adoption, there’s reason to hope, as LGBTQ Nation reports:

The governing Popular Democratic Party is pushing a bill through the legislature that would outlaw discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, a step taken by about half of U.S. states. Another bill would extend a domestic violence law to gay couples. Soon after taking office in January, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an order extending health insurance coverage to the live-in partners of workers in his executive branch of government, regardless of gender. And a popular former conservative governor, Pedro Rossello, surprised supporters and foes when he stated last month that he unequivocally supports gay marriage.

And even the Court ruling against gay adoption may end up being a positive thing:

The court ruling on gay marriage already has caused some backlash in favor of further gay rights. “What they did was barbaric,” said Eduardo Bhatia, president of the island’s Senate and member of the governor’s party, saying that children of gay couples should have equal rights.

Signs of hope.


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