Reporting From the Gay Kiss-In in Roseville, California

Written by scott on March 9th, 2013

Roseville Gay Kiss-InJust got back from the two hour rally at the Roseville Galleria in response to a gay couple getting told to stop kissing or leave the mall this last week.

We arrived about 15 minutes before the start of the rally at 11 AM, and there were maybe 50 people there. As the time approached, the crowd quickly swelled – we’re guessing there were probably 300 of us there at the height of the event.

The Galleria met with several local gay groups in the last few days, and came out in support of the rally – even passing out free Mrs. Fields’ cookies and bottled water and setting up an arc of rainbow-colored balloons.

We got into the spirit of the event (at right).

Scott Mark Kiss

The whole event had an air of festivity – many couples, gay and straight, were there, and a local group played some fantastic music for the crowd. Speakers from the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, the City of Roseville, Event Organizers, and Westfield (the mall management company) spoke to the crowd.

The Roseville representative was a gay VP from Hollywood who is responsible for the Norther California area, and he spoke of the company’s inclusiveness, and their desire to welcome everyone to each of their properties. You can see the whole statement here or below.

Kudos to the group that put this event together on short notice. To our knowledge, it was the first of its kind in this sleepy bedroom community, and ended up being a great way to reach out to the community and to the mall and management to help them understand our lives and concerns.

You can see the official Kiss-In event page here.


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  1. Mary Williams says:

    I am very proud of all of you. The times they are a changing! My beloved older brother passed away in ’93, and my deepest regret is that he did not live to see how far and how much society would change. All he ever really wanted was to be accepted. There are times when it requires tremendous courage just to be yourself!

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