Rhode Island, USA: 12 Year Old Gives Emotional Testimony on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 22nd, 2013

Rhode IslandIn Rhode Island’s marathon Senate hearing o marriage equality that ran until 5 am this morning, a 6th grader gave some of the most emotional testimony. Gay Star News reports:

‘Do you believe that my parents are equal to every other straight couple in Rhode Island? I personally believe everyone is equal,’ Matthew Lannon told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. ‘In many ways my parents are like other couples.’ Speaking clearly and with uncommon poise for someone so young, Lannon also said: ‘Although they can’t legally marry, their commitments are very, very real. My parents have stayed together through sickness and health, through thick and thin, through good times and bad.’

Just goes to remind us – it’s not only about gay and lesbian couples. Many children will be positively affected when their parents can finally marry.


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