Russia: Christian Group Sues to Take Back Alaska, To Protect State From Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 16th, 2013

Alaska Gay Rights InitiativeIn one of the stranger stories we’ve heard this year about marriage equality, a Russian Christian group wants to “save” Alaska from gay marriage. Pink News reports:

It emerged this week that Pchyolki, a religious group which began campaigning against LGBT rights in 2008, had made the claim in a Moscow arbitrage court in January. They argued that the relatively high number of Orthodox Christians living in Alaska, some 50,000 people out of the state’s 730,000 total population, needed to be protected from same-sex marriage, as they “would never accept sin for normal behavior”. Pchyolki’s proposed settlement for problem was to have the US return Alaska’s territory to Russia.

What is it with Alaska and wing nut? Waitaminute, I wanna save all the gays in Russia…

Or is this an Onion piece and we’re getting punked? 😛

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