Scotland, UK: Just Hours Left Before Marriage Equality Consultation Closes

Written by scott on March 20th, 2013

ScotlandWe’re just hours away from the end of the gay marriage consultation ordered by the Scottish Parliament, and opponents are still trying to derail the bill. Gay Star News reports:

Anti-gay campaigners are trying to derail the Scottish Parliament’s marriage equality bill – calling for limitations so officials can refuse to wed lesbian and gay couples and teachers can tell their pupils that gay marriage is wrong. And the public consultation on the bill will close at 5pm local time this evening (20 March). Scotland for Marriage, the umbrella group opposing same-sex marriage in Scotland, is trying to block same-sex marriage and roll back LGBT equality in areas like education and public services. They are running a well-funded campaign to encourage thousands of anti-equality submissions to the Scottish Government consultation.

Proposed amendments include an opt-out for religious officiants, banning teaching about marriage equality in schools, and other measures aimed at schools and children. Sound familiar?

Pink News reminds Scottish LGBT citizens to fill out the form online before the deadline arrives:

The public consultation on equal marriage legislation in Scotland closes today at 5pm, and LGBT campaign group the Equality Network are reminding people to fill in the document by going to its website. Tom French, policy co-ordinator for the Equality Network, said: “With time running out, it is vital that we encourage people to speak up for LGBT equality by responding to the consultation on Scotland’s equal marriage bill.

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