Scotland, UK: Marriage Equality Opponents May Try to Add Ban on “Gay Propaganda” in Schools

Written by scott on March 10th, 2013

Report Says Gays, Disabled Forced Into Marriage in ScotlandTaking a page from Russia (and Tennessee), opponents of marriage equality in Scotland may try to amend the bill to ban “gay propaganda” in schools. Gay Star News reports:

Equality campaigners in Scotland warned that an anti-gay educational ban repealed in 2000 (called Section 28) could be introduced by ‘stealth’ as an add on to Scotland’s gay marriage bill. Scotland for Marriage, an anti-equality campaign group, principally backed by the Catholic Church and the disgraced Cardinal O’Brien, said that if marriage equality is introduced, teachers need to be ‘protected’ from being ‘forced’ to teach about gay relationships.

Typical, if disgusting, reaction to the attempt to bring full equality to our Scottish gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

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