The GOP and Marriage Equality – Sunday Edition

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

GOPThe GOP continues to make news on the marriage equality front. A sampling of today’s stories:

Politico reports that the GOP sees potential dollar signs from big money donors if they can stomach supporting marriage equality:

Republican fundraisers say the changing views of gay marriage in their party could unlock big money from GOP donors in places like New York, California and Florida — where some Republicans have kept their checkbooks closed over what they saw as misplaced priorities, at best, or intolerance, at worst, at the highest ranks of the party. Several Republicans pointed to Sen. Rob Portman’s switch in support of gay marriage as a watershed moment for the party. And more than two dozen high-profile GOP-ers asked the Supreme Court to back gay rights. And even Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s top benefactor, has softened his stance on domestic partnership.

An anti-gay activist dismisses polls showing increasing support for marriage equality. Gay Star News reports:

Don’t spend time talking same sex marriage polls to evangelical operative Gary Bauer. He’s certain the numbers are cooked. The activist was a guest this morning (24 March) on Fox News Sunday. The topic of discussion was the upcoming Supreme Court’s oral arguments on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Bauer threw cold water on all the polls indicating more and more US voters support gay marriage. “I’m not worried about that because the polls are skewed,” Bauer said as reported by the site Mediaite.

Nicole Wallace, a former W. advisor, took Bauer to task, Think Progress reports:

WALLACE: Chris, Chris, the biggest problem that Mr. Bauer faces, not just this morning but moving forward is that more than 65% of his own base, self-describing Evangelical Christians, under the age of 33, support marriage equality. 80% of people in this country, right, left, Democrat, Republican, man, woman, support marriage equality. More than 60% of all Americans, everyone, supports marriage equality. And that very some activist court that he railed against, with such hostility this morning always sides on the side of freedom. They are the same court that overturned gun bans, for overreaching. They’re the very same court that overturned campaign finance reform for overreaching, so we can despise the courts for its activism when we don’t like their behavior, but we can’t say that this is a court that always sides on the side of liberals.

And NPR reports that the president of Focus on the Family dismissed marriage equality:

You know, when we look at same-sex marriage or gay relationships, it’s just one of the many things that are outside of God’s design for human sexuality.

It’s only a matter of time before these cultural dinosaurs die off, one by one. Even a majority of evangelical youth now support marriage equality.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t do away with these antiquated and bigoted laws banning marriage equality, the country will find another way to do it.


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