Today’s Marriage Equality Polls: USA, Pennsylvania

Written by scott on March 14th, 2013

titleWe have several new polls out today. First one is from the Southern Baptists, done by Lifeway, a right-wing site. Even this poll shows 64% think marriage equality is now inevitable in the USA. Joe.My.God reports:

Right Wing Watch reports that a survey just done by the polling arm of the Southern Baptists Convention shows broad support for LGBT rights across multiple issues. LifeWay Research, however, is focusing on the minority of respondents who believe that businesses should be able to turn away gay people.

Gay Star News reports on the same poll:

Christian polling company LifeWay found that 64 percent of Americans thought that same-sex marriage would become legal throughout the nation whether they agreed with it or not, while 58 percent agreed that it was a civil rights issue. However the company also found that 63 percent agreed that pastors should be allowed to refuse to officiate same-sex weddings and that 58 percent agreed that photographers should be allowed to refuse to work at same-sex weddings.

There’s also a new poll out in Pennsylvania, showing that 45% now support legalizing marriage equality. reports:

Fourteen percent more Pennsylvanians support gay marriage than 18 months ago, according to Public Policy Polling survey results released Wednesday. The poll, by the left-leaning group, found state voters almost evenly divided, with 45 percent saying it should be legalized and 47 percent saying it should not. In November 2011, 36 percent of commonwealth voters in the poll backed the idea, while 52 percent opposed it.

As we often say, things are moving quickly.


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