Trinidad & Tobago: Gay Rights Opponents Warn of Disaster if Homosexuality is Decriminalized

Written by scott on March 11th, 2013

As Trinidad and Tobago considers updating its constitution to decriminalize bing gay or lesbian, opponents are making dire predictions. Gay Star News reports:

Opponents of equality such a move would lead the country to disaster and an ‘end of the human race’. At the meeting on 10 March, the Trinidad Express daily reported that an unnamed man called for enshrining women’s and LGBT rights in the Caribbean nation’s consitution. He also suggested that the new constitution should include articles on reproductive health and remove articles relating to the ‘supremacy of God’.

Yes, because every man in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Washington State, New York, and every other jurisdiction that has passed marriage equality has suddenly experienced an undeniable desire to sleep with other men.


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