UK: Archbishop Of Canterbury OK With Strengthening Gay Relationships, But No Marriage

Written by scott on March 12th, 2013

LondonThe newly-elected Archbishop of Canterbury thinks gay relationships are fine and all, but don’t give them marriage. Pink News reports:

“I think that the problem with the gay marriage proposals is that they don’t actually include people equally, it’s called equal marriage, but the proposals in the Bill don’t do that. I think that where there is. I mean I know plenty of gay couples whose relationships are an example to plenty of other people and that’s something that’s very important, I’m not saying that gay relationships are in some way, you know that the love that there is less than the love there is between straight couples, that would be a completely absurd thing to say. I understand why people want that to be strengthened and made more dignified, somehow more honourable in a good way. It’s not the same as marriage.”

Seems he couldn’t say why, exactly. he also said:

“It’s such a radical change to change that I think we need to find ways of affirming the value of the love that is in other relationships without taking away from the value of marriage as an institution.”

But isn’t that what they already have under “separate-but-equal” civil partnerships?

In other UK marriage equality news, playwright Alan Bennett talks about marriage equality:

“I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about over gay marriage. I haven’t met anyone who cared one way or the other. Civil partnership mattered but I really couldn’t understand why the far right-wing Conservatives were making so much fuss. It doesn’t threaten marriage. The whole thing seemed to me a storm in a teacup.”

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