UK: Bishop Calls Church of England Hypocritical For Denying Blessings to Civil Unions

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

In the UK, the Bishop of Buckingham is bucking his new Archbishop, who recently reaffirmed the church’s position against marriage equality. Pink News reports:

The Bishop of Buckingham, the Right Reverend Dr Alan Wilson, has criticised the Church of England’s refusal to allow blessings for civil partnerships, and said that some parishes were ignoring the ban in order to avoid conflict. Saying that some within the church felt that blessing same-sex civil unions was “logical, natural and compassionate,” Dr Wilson, said the church was “too frightened… to engage with the real world.”

We’re still waiting for a vote on the bill in the House of Lords. But at least England hasn’t seen any huge rallies against the bill like the one in France today.

Scotland is also considering a marriage equality bill, and nearby, Ireland will convene a constitutional convention next month that could legalize gay marriage there.

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