UK: Conservatives Push Cameron Again to Abandon Marriage Equality; Others Want Gay Weddings at Westminster Chapel

Written by scott on March 18th, 2013

Westminster PalaceA couple competing stories out of the United Kingdom today.

First off, anti-gay tories are pushing again to have the party abandon its pledge on marriage equality. Pink News reports:

Several Conservative MPs have called on David Cameron to end his support for progressive policies such as equal marriage. MPs Peter Bone, Douglas Carswell, John Glen, Anne McIntosh and Bob Stewart belong to Conservative Grassroots, which was set up in the wake of February’s Commons vote of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. MPs present in the video were among 136 Tory MPs that voted against the bill with another 135 choosing not to vote at all. The video, featuring past and present Tory party activists, was released to coincide with the Conservative Party’s weekend Spring Forum.

At the same time, there’s a movement afoot on the Labour side to open up a chapel in the famous Westminster Palace to same sex couples. Pink News reports:

A chapel within the Palace of Westminster may be changed in order to allow equal marriage ceremonies, as part of a proposal by Labour MP Chris Bryant. Mr Bryant, who sat on the Committee for the equal marriage bill and is openly gay, submitted a proposal to convert the chapel of St Mary Undercroft to a multi-faith prayer room, which could potentially allow equal marriage ceremonies to take place there. Under current plans for marriage equality, the Church of England, and therefore the chapel, which lies in a crypt below parliament, is exempt from providing same-sex wedding ceremonies. The plans could allow religious denominations such as the Quakers and Liberal Judaism access, both of which have said they will perform the ceremonies.

Will the UK beat France to marriage equality?

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