UK: Marriage Equality Opponents Freak Out

Written by scott on March 30th, 2013

England ChurchOver in the United Kingdom, as the House of Lords prepares to vote on the marriage equality bill, the usual suspects are issuing their complaints. The former Archbishop of Canterbury says Christians feel persecuted. Pink News reports:

He pointed to Cameron’s push for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, which he warned would “empty marriage of its fundamental religious and civic meaning”. Lord Carey went on to say that professions such as registrars should “expect to be sacked” if they do not back same-sex marriage, and said there was strong legal opinion that teachers would face disciplinary action if they don’t follow “the new politically-correct orthodoxy”. The former Archbishop cited a ComRes Poll released yesterday, which revealed two thirds of Christians now believe they are a “persecuted minority”. The poll was commissioned by the Coalition for Marriage, the group that Lord Carey helped to launch to campaign against marriage equality.

Of course:

He acknowledged that while “few in the UK are actually persecuted”, he felt that David Cameron had “done more than any other recent political leader to feed these anxieties”.

They just love playing the victim.

And a Catholic Bishop got into the act too, Gay Star News reports:

The Bishop Mark Davies will warn that the UK stands at a ‘crossroads’ over the issues of gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia during his Easter service at Shrewsbury. He will say tomorrow (31 March) that the country risks ‘falling into darkness’, marginalize Christianity, leaving people unable to ‘distinguish between good and evil’, revealed a report by the Shropshire Star.

Is that anything like the darkness of the inquisition? Or the darkness that has plagued the Church from the various child molestation scandals that have engulfed it? I’m sorry, but the Catholic Church has lost the moral high ground here.

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