UK: Peter Tatchell Calls Out Queen for Not Saying the Word Gay

Written by scott on March 11th, 2013

LondonUK gay activist Peter Tatchell is speaking out about the Queen’s support for human rights, pointing out that she never mentioned gays and lesbians specifically. Pink News reports:

By signing the new Commonwealth Charter, with its rejection of all discrimination, the Queen is implicitly endorsing gay human rights. Although the charter does not include an explicit commitment to gay equality, the clause rejecting discrimination based on ‘other grounds’ implicitly includes a rejection of homophobic discrimination… While she has spoken approvingly of the UK’s many races and faiths, for six decades she has ignored LGBT Britons. If she treated black and Asian Britons in the same way, she’d be denounced as a racist. Why the double standards? Regardless of whether these omissions are a reflection of the Queen’s personal views or the result of advice from her courtiers, as monarch she bears ultimate responsibility. Her silence sends a signal of exclusion and disrespect.


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