USA: Former Westboro Baptist Church Member Joins NoH8

Written by scott on March 11th, 2013

Lauren Drain for NoH8A woman who left the hate-group called Westboro Baptist Church, reviled for protesting at funerals around the nation, has joined NoH8, Pink News reports:

Lauren Drain, 27, became a member of the Westboro Baptist Church at age 15 when her father relocated her family to Kansas in order to join the church and live in its compound. At first she accepted the extremely anti-gay teachings of the church and its leader, Fred Phelps. The church is known for its belief that the majority of people will go to hell, and for its pickets at the funerals of soldiers and victims of disasters in which members carry signs reading “God Hates Fags” and other inflammatory statements. Although she originally attended pickets and supported the Westboro Baptist Church, Ms Drain began to question their teachings and was subsequently cast out at the age of 22.

Kudos to Ms. Drain!


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  1. Most Rev. Metropolitan DJ Loggins, EMG, OSBCOrth says:

    Never trust a church that has a “compound”. Remember the Branch Davidians outside Waco?

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