USA: Karl Rove Can Imagine a Pro Marriage Equality GOP Candidate for President in 2016

Written by scott on March 24th, 2013

Karl RoveNot that we really care about anything this little man says, but it’s interesting that even this architect of the wedge strategy using gay marriage against democrats is conceding the sea change the country has gone through on the issue. reports:

…on ABC News’ This Week this morning: “Karl Rove, can you imagine the next presidential campaign a Republican candidate saying flat out ‘I am for gay marriage,'” asked Stephanopoulos. “I could,” said Rove, before turning the discussion back to the Supreme Court’s hearing on the issue.

Rove was the one who pushed George Bush and the GOP to use divisive anti marriage equality initiatives in Ohio and other states in 2004 to divide democrats and bring out conservative voters. He, more than any other republican, is responsible for taking DOMA and spreading it like so much manure around the USA.

Perhaps turd blossom is an apt nickname for this odious man.


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  1. DJ Loggins says:

    Manure, when spread around, encourages things to grow. This odious person does not encourage anything good to grow, just the weeds of dissent and discontent.

  2. Arturo Schultz says:

    Wh does he have in mind ?

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