USA: National Organization for Marriage Threatens Federal Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

Written by scott on March 26th, 2013

NOM LogoNOM must be getting nervous. Yesterday, the group’s leader Brian Brown threatened to pursue a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality if the Supreme Court rules against them. Joe.My.God reports:

“I think we’re going to win these cases. But say the worst happens and we lose in a broad way – that means that the Court somehow does a Roe, a Roe v. Wade, on marriage and says that all these state constitutional amendments are overturned, gay marriage is now a constitutional right – well, we’re going to press forward on a Federal Marriage Amendment. We’ve always supported a Federal Marriage Amendment, and there’s a lot of misconceptions about it. Some people try and argue, ‘Well, this is against federalism.’ No, our founders gave us a system where we can amend the Constitution.”

Good luck with that. There wasn’t the will to do it back in 1996, when Defense of Marriage Act was passed, and a mch larger percentage of the US population supports us now.


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