USA: Poll Says Majority of Young Republicans Now Support Marriage Equality

Written by scott on March 8th, 2013

titleAnd even the GOP is (slowly) coming around. A new poll analysis shows that a bare majority of young GOPers now support marriage equality, Queerty reports:

Analysis of national polling data by Dr. Jan van Lohuizen, George W. Bush’s 2004 lead pollster, and Joel Benenson, President Obama’s lead pollster in 2012, reveals that 51% of twentysomething GOPers believe gay couples should be allowed to marry. The report, commissioned by national marriage-equality group Freedom to Marry, looked at polling and exit polls from the November elections. “What a great affirmation of the changing tide in the Republican Party,” says 26-year-old Tyler Deaton, director of New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality. “We’ll continue to push for equality, knowing that the future of our party depends on full freedom in marriage.”

With every year, more opponents of marriage equality pass away and more supporters reach voting age.

In a related note, Andrew Sullivan at The Dish explains that who is making the argument matters when talking to conservatives about marriage equality:

When we show that [former RNC Chairman Ken] Mehlman supports same-sex marriage and does so for reasons consistent with his partisanship and ideology, it appears to give Republicans “permission” to be more inclined to do the same – or to at least considerably reduce their opposition in exchange for increased indecision. This result suggests that as more Republican elites “come out” in support for the issue, their personal endorsements of the “conservative case” for same-sex marriage may have the potential to change the game among Republicans, who are otherwise lagging greatly as overall attitudes rapidly move in a more supportive direction.


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